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Giving the Street Children of today a better tomorrow

Every night in Kolkata children can be found sleeping alone on station platforms and in the surrounding areas. They are without their parents, thin and unkempt. Many are ill, all are vulnerable and most are exposed to serious forms of exploitation. They have little or no ability to change their lives. Future Hope was started by Tim Grandage in 1988. At the time he was working for HSBC Bank as a Branch Manager in Kolkata. Tim first came into contact with street children when he became friendly with a group who looked after his car. Through meeting and talking with them he became aware of their problems and needs.

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Creating a Future of Hope for Kolkatas Street Children

Kolkata is a heaving metropolis of over 15 million. People gravitate
towards the city looking for work and it is surrounded by some of the
most economically disadvantaged areas in India. Furthermore, extensive
business development is taking place on the edges of the city, which
presents both opportunities and risks. Families will be displaced and
land, a major source of income for generations of farmers, will be sold
to developers. How this will affect Kolkata is being closely watched by government, business and the NGO community, including Future Hope.

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